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At LASA Medical we strive to maintain the highest possible levels of accuracy concerning all relevant information on all of our compatible models, although we cannot guarantee a 100% error-free website. As a valued customer of LASA Medical, if in any way whatsoever, you feel that a product offered by LASA Medical is not what you have requested, please feel free to return it back to us, strictly in an unused condition and in its original packaging, and we will be more than happy to refund your purchase or replace the product if necessary.

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Batteries mAh may vary +/- 20% from from the specifications stated. A lot of the batteries vary in mAh depending on the supplier and when we receive the stock, the older stock generally carries a higher stated mAh value. This is similar to what Coca-Cola did a few years ago, instead of increasing the price of the product they reduced the quantity supplied.